Executive Advocacy

I routinely counsel executives, professionals and other employees, and negotiate on their behalf, with respect to non-competition, non-disclosure, and severance agreements and disputes concerning additional compensation owed.

Negotiating Severance Agreements and Other Contracts.

I often negotiate on behalf of a departing employee the terms of his or her severance agreement, often obtaining much higher severance pay. I also advise former employees concerning the impact of restrictive agreements such as non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.

Defending Breach of Non-Competition/Nondisclosure Agreement Claims.

I have experience defending an individual and/or the new employer against claims by the former employer that a non-competition or nondisclosure agreement is breached.

Wage & Hour Litigation.

When an employer has failed to pay a departing employee all wages due, including all commissions and other compensation due, the departing employee often has a valuable claim, particularly if the issue falls under the Massachusetts Wage Act or Fair Labor Standards Act. I have represented numerous individuals in wage claims, often times resulting in a pre-suit settlement or settlement soon after the lawsuit is filed. While I typically am engaged on these matters on an hourly rate, I sometimes am open to being paid a reduced hourly rate in exchanged for a percentage of any increase in severance pay.

I represent clients throughout the Boston metropolitan area, including Suffolk, Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol, Middlesex, and Essex counties.

If you wish to seek legal representation or advice, please contact my office by calling 781-385-7230 or emailing at [email protected].